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The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
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Where can I worship?

JumalanpalvelusThe main Sunday service in most Lutheran parishes in Finland is at 10 am. In bilingual areas, there is often an additional service in Finnish or Swedish at noon – depending on which is the minority language in the area. In many parishes, especially in the capital area and other urban centres, there are additional services and activities in other languages: you can find out what's going on by visiting your local church. Alternatively, there's information at the following links: capital area; Tampere; Turku; Oulu; Kuopio; Jyväskylä; Joensuu; Vaasa; Salo.

In Espoo, Tampere, Turku, Salo and Kuopio, the Anglican Church in Finland works as a partner of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, offering worship in English on the basis of the Porvoo Agreement, and there is an Anglican Sung Eucharist every Sunday at Mikael Agricola Church in Helsinki at 10 o'clock.

The International Evangelical Church is an interdenominational congregation with worship in Helsinki and Espoo.

For information about worship offered by other denominations and fellowships, see the links below:

Other members of the Finnish Ecumenical Council
Orthodox Church of Finland
Catholic Church in Finland  
Evangelical Free Church of Finland  
The United Methodist Church (in Finnish)  
The United Methodist Church (in Swedish)                                               (
Swedish Speaking Baptist Union of Finland (in Swedish)
The Salvation Army (in Finnish)

Observer Churches on the Finnish Ecumenical Council
Seventh-day Adventist Church in Finland (in Finnish)
The Finnish Speaking Baptist Union
The Society of Friends, the Quakers (in Finnish)
Finnish Speaking Pentecostal Church in Finland (in Finnish)
Swedish Speaking Pentecostal Mission in Finland



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